This year’s exhibition will feature several curated exhibits. 
  •  “The present is everything”

The Loop Art Critique-curated by: Ariel Baron Robbins. 

Featured artists: ChaRyan SeslowAlex BoyaTriphuraDanielle Ezzo 

Loop Art Critique is run on the metaverse platform Onland, developed by the non-profit Art & Technology institution The MUD Foundation in Miami, FL.


  • ”For a Limited Time”

Artist: Siebren Versteeg

the project will be generating a new image every 10 to 15 minutes, capturing the moment’s trending events and stories, scraped from the internet, in computer-generated yet painterly collages. Of the roughly 35,000 works that will be generated, 750 will be saved and made available for a limited period, during which collectors can opt to claim them as NFTs, each priced at $300 (or about 0.18 ETH), for their crypto wallet.” The series is dropping on Arsnl Art on March 13.


  • One of-a-kind History Museum NFTWing

From the Larry D. Silver Art Collection of “Let us try”. The painting deals with Union engineers working in the dense fog were building a bridge across the Rappahannock River. Two men were killed after and three were wounded on December 11, 1862. The engineers were able to construct halfway across the river.

  •  Lynn University Faculty and Student Work
Lynn University faculty and students have transformed traditional history paintings from the Silver Collection into 3D dimensionalNFTs narrated and verified by internationally reknowned historian, Dr. Robert Watson, faculty member at Lynn University. This is a collaboration between the College of Communication and Design and the College of Art and Sciences at Lynn University. 


  • Holocaust and Genocide Project

In 2023, Lynn University invited a survivor of the Holocaust, Laszlo Selly, to speak with students.  Students participated in the GenZStory Expression Workshop, making creative projects that reflect on the survivor’s story through art, poetry, music, film, blogs, etc.  These monitors display students’ creative projects and a video of Laszlo Selly, telling his story. The video and projects have minted as NFTs.    


This exhibit is generously supported by the Richard L & Lois S Werner Family Foundation.

At the college of Communication and Design, we are changing the way people think of digital artwork. Before NFT technology, the viewer’s perception of the artwork was that they were not viewing an original, merely a digital copy. With the advent of NFT’s, it may be possible now to view an original in more than one location.